Exploring Mandozzi's Heritage

Journey through the Evolution of Audio Excellence

Tracing our Roots: Embark on a Journey through MANDOZZI’s Legacy Products, Where Timeless Audio Excellence Meets Modern Innovation.

Explore Our Legacy: MANDOZZI's Timeless Audio Solutions

Step back in time with MANDOZZI Legacy Products, where innovation meets enduring quality. While our spotlight shines on today’s cutting-edge digital audio routers, mixers, and audio over IP codecs, we invite you to rediscover the foundations of our success.

Known under the brand names IDEA, SERIX, and UMAC, our legacy equipment boasts unmatched reliability and user-friendly control surfaces. Unveil the intricate technical features that have earned the trust of countless customers throughout the years.


Experience Audio Mastery with Our Legacy Mixers. Crafted from innovation and expertise, they ensure exceptional sound and intuitive control. Explore their enduring legacy in audio technology.


Explore Our Codec Legacy: a testament to Audio Excellence. Despite being out of production, they exemplify our commitment to superior transmission. Uncover their historical influence on audio technology.


Travel back in time with our legacy audio router products, forever etched in our history. These vintage routers stand as a testament to our pioneering spirit in audio technology.


Dive into the past with our legacy software products. Although these solutions are no longer actively developed, they remain a testament to our commitment to innovative software offerings. 

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