KBOX - Serix Versatile Intercom and Monitoring Module

A Powerful Communication and Control Solution for Radio Studios with Mandozzi Mixers and Matrices


KBOX - Serix: Versatile Intercom and Monitoring Module Enhancing Communication and Control for Radio Studios

The KBOX – Serix is a multifunctional module designed for radio studio applications featuring Mandozzi mixers and matrices. It seamlessly integrates into SERIX mixers or operates as a stand-alone unit.

This compact module includes a built-in microphone pre-amplifier and loudspeaker, powered by an external 12 VDC plug-in supply unit. Its user-friendly control panel boasts 16 keys, each with built-in red, blue, and yellow LEDs. Users can easily configure key functions on the SERIX touchscreen or the matrix supervisor PC.

Audio signals are transmitted via a standard AES/EBU connection, and while the internal loudspeaker supports mono monitoring, the KBOX accommodates two external loudspeakers for stereo audio.

The control panel also offers a 6.3 mm Jack connector for stereo headphones, with separate potentiometers for adjusting headphone and built-in loudspeaker levels. Users can define whether the loudspeaker mutes when headphones are connected via an internal jumper.

The KBOX features a “Line IN” connector for external audio input, which can be mixed internally with the left channel of the AES/EBU audio signal.

Control signals are transmitted via IP. If integrated with a SERIX mixer, the AES/EBU cable connects to the corresponding concentrator, and the CAT5 cable connects to a SERIX LAN switch. For independent operation, the AES/EBU cable connects to the IDEA matrix or a concentrator, and the CAT5 cable connects to an IDEA system LAN switch. If connected to a customer’s LAN, an interface PC isolates it from the internal IDEA LAN.

The KBOX includes four integrated GPIO, with input opto-couplers and output relays connected to two separate 9-pole SubD connectors at the module’s rear. GPI signals are transmitted via IP to the SERIX processor PCIMIX or the matrix processor SELP, while GPO signals are generated based on IP commands from one of these processors.

KBOX Mechanical Options: Tailored for Your Workspace

Choose between two mechanical configurations for the KBOX based on your specific requirements, with both versions offering the same comprehensive set of functionalities.


Download the Technical Datasheet for KBOX

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional KBOX in this technical datasheet.

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