Audio Mixers


ARES: Your Customizable Digital On Air/Production Mixing Console

Tailor Your Audio Experience with ARES Modular System

Audio Mixers


ARES: Your Customizable Digital On Air/Production Mixing Console

Tailor Your Audio Experience with ARES Modular System

Powerful Radio Mixer


ARES: Redefining Audio Control for Broadcast Excellence

  • Completely modular and configurable control surface
  • Immediate system overview and fast parameter access
  • From 4 to 48 channel P&G motorized faders
  • Modular DSP structure with 48 full processed I/O signal for every DSP boards
  • Number of Bus Out, Aux sends, N-x completely programable from the user
  • Monitoring and talkback system
Discover the Versatility of ARES

ARES: Your Dynamic Digital Mixing Console

ARES is a groundbreaking digital mixing console designed to revolutionize your audio control experience in broadcast applications. Offering unparalleled modular flexibility, ARES allows you to create a personalized control surface that aligns perfectly with your unique needs. With an intuitive user interface providing immediate system insights and swift parameter access, ARES puts you in the driver’s seat of your audio production.

Whether you require a streamlined On Air version or a feature-rich console for production and live broadcasts, ARES offers five distinct modules to cater to your preferences. Its powerful DSP capabilities, user-friendly design, and seamless integration options make ARES the go-to choice for those seeking the pinnacle of audio customization. Elevate your audio game with ARES and take your broadcast applications to the next level.


Tailored Control Surfaces

ARES: Empowering Your Audio Control

Modular Flexibility and Unmatched Precision for Broadcast Excellence

ARES empowers you to craft the ideal control surface for your needs, boasting an ergonomic, user-friendly interface. At its core lies the MANDOZZI Core engine BEA3X, offering unmatched flexibility through modularity. Choose from studio-desk built-in modules, desktop options, or a fixed frame design, tailored for your specific needs.

ARES provides immediate system insights and parameter access, with five modules catering to various requirements. Its modular DSP structure ensures precise audio control with 48 I/O signal options, programmable Bus Outs, Aux Sends, and N-x configurations. User-focused design features a programmable authorization system, monitoring, talkback capabilities, and seamless sharing with other MANDOZZI Ares Systems. With ARES, your audio control is truly personalized for your digital network’s success.

Modular Control Surface
Versatile Configuration
P&G Motorized Faders
Immediate System Overview



Explore ARES Modules: Crafting Your Perfect Control Surface

Discover ARES, the control surface that adapts to you. With ten versatile modules to choose from, you can create a customized control surface configuration that suits a wide range of applications. Whether you need a basic, lightning-fast On Air Version or a fully loaded option for production and live broadcasting, ARES has you covered. Experience control like never before with ARES.


A versatile module with motorized faders, configurable knobs, and programmable buttons.


Your audio control hub with a 10" touchscreen for precise control, monitoring, and talkback.


Elevate audio control with a 7" touchscreen for precision adjustments and easy recall.


KM-40 module adds 40 configurable buttons for enhancing individual strips.


KM-34E module adds 34 buttons and an encoder for enhanced control and monitoring.


P&G fader, dynamic knobs, intuitive UI, 7" touchscreen and comprehensive control.


ARES-SP is a 1RU chassis with 8 configurable buttons for studio operations.


Experience advanced control, revolutionizing audio and system management with precision.


In-Depth Details for Precision Audio Control

ARES Technical Specifications

Explore ARES’s comprehensive technical specifications, from modular DSP structure to flexible I/O configurations. With up to 48 channels of processing, programmable Bus Outs, and seamless integration, ARES offers unmatched audio control for your unique needs.



Versatile ARES Configurations for Every Application

Experience the power of ARES across various studio applications. Whether you’re in need of streamlined control for fast-paced tasks or a comprehensive setup for larger productions, ARES offers tailored solutions to match your unique studio requirements.

With ARES, your studio has the tools for superior audio control, all backed by MANDOZZI’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Explore ARES applications and unlock your studio’s full potential today.


ARES: Your Gateway to Audio Excellence

Customize Your Audio Control Experience

BEA3X: ARES's Central Hub

BEA3X is the core of ARES, a highly adaptable router with modular structure. Configure DSP power and I/O cards as needed. Units network seamlessly for audio and control sharing, and modular DSP cards efficiently manage 48 channels. Unlock ARES with BEA3X.


Unlock the Power of ARES

Unlock the potential of precision audio control with ARES. Explore our versatile modules, innovative configurations, and technical specifications. If you crave more information or have specific inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Elevate your audio experience with ARES today.

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