ARES-PM Ares Module


Ares-PM: Elevate Your Audio Control Experience

Precision, Customization and Effortless Workflow in One Compact Package

Unlock a new level of control and versatility with the Ares-PM remote fader module. Crafted to enhance your audio experience, this module boasts a single P&G fader, four dynamic knobs with push capabilities and a remarkable ten configurable push buttons.

Its custom user interface ensures an intuitive and personalized workflow, while the integrated 7″ touchscreen provides seamless access to function recall and the fine-tuning of various parameters. From talkback management to precise monitor selection, the Ares-PM is your all-in-one solution for comprehensive audio control in a compact and stylish package.

ARES Modules Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

Explore the diverse world of ARES Modules, each designed to transform your audio control experience uniquely.

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