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Mandozzi: Pioneer in Digital Audio Mixing Consoles and Solutions

Elevate Broadcasting Quality with Swiss-Made Digital Audio Mixing Consoles and Routers

Precision in Sound


Elevate Your Audio Connectivity: Explore our reliable and modular audio routing systems designed to exceed simple X/Y audio connections, catering to all discerning customers.


Seamless Control, Impeccable Sound: Unleash your creativity with our advanced mixing consoles, delivering flawless audio in every production.


Unleash Audio Potential: Experience unparalleled processing power with our DSP cores, transforming sound into pure excellence.

Shaping Audio Innovation

Mastering Sound: Mandozzi's Audio Mastery

Discover Mandozzi, a revered Swiss Quality Trademark, embodying a rich legacy and an unwavering commitment to the future. Our expertise lies in pioneering solutions for the TV and Radio sectors. Our product lineup features cutting-edge Audio Mixers, encompassing both control surfaces and DSP cores, along with state-of-the-art Audio Routers.

Our meticulously curated workshop, precision-driven assembly division, and a newly instituted testing facility epitomize our dedication to delivering flawless equipment. Backed by adept technicians utilizing the latest tools and software suites, we engineer audio solutions that redefine industry standards.

At our core, we specialize in crafting Digital Audio Mixers that include innovative control surfaces and powerful DSP cores, alongside advanced Audio Routers. Through a focus on precision and a modular approach, we revolutionize audio control possibilities, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

Elevate Your Sound, Trust Mandozzi - Where Swiss Quality Meets Audio Innovation!

Mandozzi is a Swiss legacy of audio excellence, pioneering TV and Radio solutions, precision engineering, and cutting-edge innovation redefining industry standards.

News - Exhibitions - News - Exhibitions - News - Exhibitions - News - Exhibitions - News

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