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Cutting-Edge Digital Audio Technology

Mandozzi pioneers advanced digital audio consoles with shared audio I/O and controls, alongside flexible hardware and software modularity for optimal performance.

High-Performance Innovation

Mandozzi’s innovation delivers high-performance audio solutions that redefine limits. Our products elevate studios and broadcasts with exceptional quality, connectivity, and workflow efficiency.

Comprehensive Audio Solutions

Mandozzi tailors audio solutions for broadcast, radio, podcasts, and streaming. Our products span AoIP radio consoles to innovative processors, covering all production needs.

Expert Consultation and Design

Mandozzi’s expert team tailors radio, podcast, and streaming setups for success. Personalized solutions ensure a comprehensive and thriving audio experience.


Bridging Tradition and the Future with Swiss Quality Expertise

Revolutionizing Audio: Mandozzi's Cutting-Edge Solutions

Unleashing Innovation in Broadcast, Radio and Streaming

At the heart of Mandozzi’s operations lies a commitment to crafting digital audio mixing consoles and audio management systems. These solutions stand out with their audio I/O and control sharing, powered by a flexible HW/SW modular concept.

Discover the most comprehensive selection of innovative and high-performance audio solutions purpose-built for broadcast, radio, podcasting, and streaming.

Our range includes highly network-connectable AoIP radio consoles, state-of-the-art broadcast audio processors, and essential tools for optimizing ratings. Illuminate your studio and programming with the essentials, all backed by our expert team, dedicated to tailoring comprehensive radio solutions to your needs. Embrace the future of audio with Mandozzi.

Customization & Performance

Ares Configurations: Unleash Your Custom Control Experience

Explore Ares, the latest modular system that reshapes the landscape of customized control surfaces. Driven by the BEA3X Core engine, Ares offers unparalleled adaptability and performance. Seamlessly integrating intuitive functions into its On Air mixers, Ares configurations usher in a new era of control experience. Elevate your setup with Ares and embark on a journey of unparalleled control interaction.

Precision & Connectivity

BEA3X Audio Solutions: Your Universal Audio Expansion

Experience the Power of BEA3X, the universal audio expansion that brings unparalleled ease and sophistication to your audio operations. Designed as a precious tool, the BEA3X is a game-changer for self-operators and sound technicians alike. Its sophisticated yet user-friendly technical features are perfectly suited for managing multiple interacting studios. But the benefits don’t stop there—BEA3X seamlessly integrates with a Mandozzi audio router, creating a dynamic network of mixers that elevates your audio experience to a whole new level. Discover the future of audio management with BEA3X.

Connect with Us for Expert Assistance

If you need assistance or suggestions regarding audio solutions tailored to your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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