CENTRAL-T Ares Module


CENTRAL Module: Your Audio Control Hub Redefined

Centralize Command with Precision and Versatility

The Central Module is your ultimate audio control hub, offering precision and versatility at your fingertips. With its central 10″ touch screen panel, you gain comprehensive control over your audio setup. Monitor your audio with ease and utilize the talkback function to streamline communication.

Effortlessly recall snapshots and customize functionality with the four rotary knobs. The Central Module also features convenient USB input, Talkback Mic input, and a Headphone Out, making it an essential component of your audio control setup.

Experience a new level of command and centralization with the Central Module—your gateway to audio control redefined.

ARES Modules Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

Explore the diverse world of ARES Modules, each designed to transform your audio control experience uniquely.

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