FADER4-T Ares Module


FADER4-T: Precision Control at Your Fingertips

Experience Enhanced Audio Mastery with Integrated Touchscreen Functionality

Elevate your audio mastery with the Fader4-T, a cutting-edge control module designed to put you in command. With four P&G motorized faders, four configurable knobs with push functions, and sixteen programmable push buttons, the Fader4-T offers unmatched flexibility.

Integrated with a responsive 7″ touchscreen, this module allows for seamless function recall and real-time parameter modifications, including EQ, Dynamics, Input Channel, Bus Assignments, Aux sends, and N-x configurations. Get ready to experience precision control like never before with the Fader4-T.

ARES Modules Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

Explore the diverse world of ARES Modules, each designed to transform your audio control experience uniquely.

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