DT88 Compact 2 Mbps Audio Codec Multiplexer

Efficient Space-Saving Solution for Audio and Data Transmission


DT88 - Compact 2 Mbps Audio Codec System Streamlined Audio and Data Transmission for Space-Constrained Environments

DT88 – Compact 2 Mbps Multiplexer/Demultiplexer: DT88 is the smaller counterpart of the renowned COMBIMUX DT99, making it an ideal choice for scenarios where space within 19″ cabinets is limited. Two interface modules per line end suffice (2 Encoders or 2 Decoders or 1 Encoder plus 1 Decoder or 2 Codecs) to transmit up to two stereo signals along with data.

Key Features of DT88:

  • Compact Size: A 19″ case with a height of merely 2 HU (87.5 mm) and a depth of only 260 mm.
  • Efficient Space-Saving Installation: The cases can be directly stacked, eliminating the need for airspace between equipment for cooling.
  • Flexible Rack Mounting: The cases offer three different mounting options within 19″ cabinets:
    • Connectors accessible from the front
    • Connectors accessible from the front with equipment placed backward to prevent protruding connectors
    • Connectors accessible from the back
  • Modularity: You can insert up to two interface modules of any desired type.
  • High-Speed Transmission: It achieves a processing time of only 3.6 ms from analog input to analog output via 2 Mbps interfaces using J.41 coding.

COMBIMUX DT88 is a universal system for transmitting audio and data signals through 2 Mbps channels. Its 19” cabinet can house up to two local I/O modules, such as encoders and decoders, which can be configured using jumpers and software to operate in various ITU-T and ISO/MPEG audio coding modes. COMBIMUX DT88 also handles the Drop & Insert functions.

The equipment is configured through a PC using the COMBISOFT program, which selects the coding procedure, allocates time slots to various audio signals, and monitors the operational status.

COMBIMUX DT88 is integrated into a 19″ cabinet with a height of two units (h x w x d = 87.5 x 485 x 260 mm) and can be equipped with two input/output modules. The power supply module, central processor, and the 2 Mbps module are all integrated into the cabinet.

DT88 - Streamlined 2 Mbps Audio and Data Transmission

DT88 offers compact design, integrated audio codecs, and lightning-fast 3.6 ms processing.

DT88 Compact 2 Mbps Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

Download the Technical Datasheet for DT88

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional DT88 in this technical datasheet.

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