UMAC-M Versatile Audio Over IP Integration

Compact and Flexible Modules for Seamlessly Enhancing IDEA Routers and Mandozzi Mixers


UMAC-M: Universal Audio Over IP Integration Enhancing IDEA Routers and Mandozzi Mixers with Compact Multifunctional Modules

UMAC-M is a compact Audio over IP module suitable for diverse applications, earning its name as the “Universal Multifunctional Audio Codec.” This small printed circuit board (100 x 115 mm) houses a microcontroller, field-programmable gate array, and digital signal processor.

The UMAC basic module enables flexible, software-programmable audio coding and signal management, while adhering to the EBU N/ACIP standards.

These modules are affixed to UMAC-M modules for installation into IDEA routers and mixers. UMAC-M modules are purpose-built for integration into Mandozzi’s audio routers and mixers, featuring a European format (3 HU) printed circuit board.

A single 19″ frame of 3 HU can accommodate up to 16 UMAC-M modules.

UMAC-M modules installed in routers and concentrators can be configured, controlled, and monitored by the IDEA router’s supervisor, Mandozzi mixer operators, or Client/Server tools. They are seamlessly integrated into the router control software, allowing for automatic control by the advanced scheduler.

These modules can be allocated to individual mixers or utilized in a shared UMAC-M pool, offering exceptional versatility.

UMAC-M: Versatile Audio Compression Capabilities

UMAC-M provides a versatile and compact audio solution with a wide range of compression modes and seamless integration into IDEA routers and Mandozzi audio consoles, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience with high quality and flexibility.

UMAC-M Codec Module

Download the Technical Datasheet for UMAC-M

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional UMAC-M in this technical datasheet.

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