ESPN Power and Connectivity Solutions for Audio Mixers

Power over Ethernet Supply Units with Integrated LAN Switch for SERIX Modules and HUSH/NANOSERVER Mixer Core

ESPN - Serix: Power and Connectivity Features Efficient Power Delivery and Seamless Connectivity for SERIX Modules

The ESPN – Serix Mixers equipment are Power over Ethernet power supply units with a built-in LAN switch. They are used to power the SERIX surface modules and connect them to the mixer core (HUSH or NANOSERVER).

The ESPN units are built into 19″ boxes of 1 RU. They can be ordered either with a single 230 VAC power supply (ESPN-H4) or with redundant 230 VAC power supply (ESPN-R). In the first case, the depth of the housing is 23 cm, for the redundantly powered equipment, the depth is 34 cm.

ESPN Unit Connectivity and Power Distribution

ESPN units provide eight LAN connectors for power distribution and connectivity, including four for PoE+ to supply motorized fader modules, three for PoE to power non-fader SERIX modules, and one for connecting the SERIX control processor HUSH or NANOSERVER, all monitored by LED indicators.


Download the Technical Datasheet for ESPN

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional ESPN in this technical datasheet.

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