IDEA Central Audio Routers Unveiling Unmatched Control and Precision for Seamless Audio Switching

Experience unmatched audio control and flexibility with our IDEA Central Audio Routers, designed to seamlessly switch and manage various signal groups.

Advanced Audio Control: IDEA Central Audio Routers Elevate Your Audio Management with Intelligent Switching and Processing

Elevate your audio control capabilities with IDEA Central Audio Routers from Mandozzi Elettronica SA. Designed to surpass simple X/Y connections, these matrices provide intelligent switching functions and audio signal processing. Whether as a main central matrix for radio houses or for serving multiple mixers, their versatility shines.

Install 19″ frames with audio and GPIO interface modules in the matrix cabinet or external concentrators. These connections via ATM, Gigabit optical fibers, or CAT5 cables can feature redundancy for automatic switchover during connection failures.

Creating a network of interacting matrices is effortless. Managed by one or several supervisor positions, the system and control positions connect seamlessly through LAN.

IDEA stands as a fully digital audio routing switcher, boasting diverse audio input and output interface modules. It converts input signals, from analog to digital, 2 Mbps, IP, MADI, ATM, and Gigabit, to the internal routing switcher standard (48 kHz, 32 bit, AES/EBU compliant). Output signals adapt to customers’ preferred formats. Redundancy is key – power supply modules, “crosspoints,” central processors, clock generators, audio busses, and control busses all come duplicated for heightened reliability. The dual halves of the redundant matrix can even be set up in separate rooms for added security.

Audio processing functions, achieved through digital signal processors (DSP), cater to every need. And with limitless DSP installations, even mixer console functions are within reach. Elevate your audio management with Mandozzi Elettronica’s IDEA Central Audio Routers.

Enhance Audio Control with IDEA Central Audio Routers

Intelligent Switching and Advanced Signal Processing for Seamless Audio Management

DANTE4 Card: Expanding Audio Over IP Capabilities

Discover the new Dante TM Module, featuring 4 network ports with 64 mono channels each, enabling a staggering 256 audio signals. With redundant network ports ensuring unmatched reliability, this module also supports AES67 connections in its latest software version, guaranteeing compatibility with a wider array of 3rd party products. Seamlessly integrated into existing IDEA systems, this new board is also compatible with multichannel modules like MADI and GIGM concentrator interfaces. For further information and recommendations on implementation, reach out to us – your feedback is valuable. Dante TM is a trademark by Audinate Pty Ltd.

IDEA - Central Audio Routers

Download the Technical Datasheet for IDEA

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional IDEA Central Audio Routers in this technical datasheet.

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