UMAC-C Versatile Audio Over IP Module

Compact and Multifunctional, Enabling Audio Connectivity in Various Applications


UMAC-C: The Ultimate Compact Audio Over IP Solution Empowering Diverse Applications with Flexible Coding and Signal Management

UMAC-C is a compact Audio over IP module designed for diverse applications, earning its name as the “Universal Multifunctional Audio Codec.” This small printed circuit board (100 x 115 mm) features a microcontroller, field-programmable gate array, and digital signal processor.

The UMAC basic module offers flexible, software-programmable audio coding and signal management while adhering to the EBU N/ACIP standards.

These modules can be mounted onto UMAC-C modules to create stand-alone Audio over IP codecs. The UMAC-C modules are independent, autonomous audio over IP codecs presented in a 4 HU module format, similar to the COMBIMUX interface modules, which have been widely deployed in 2 Mbps contribution and distribution networks. The UMAC-C modules rely on the UMAC Basic Module to handle codec and transmission functions.

UMAC-C conveniently positions all external connectors on its front panel, featuring two female XLR connectors for audio input and two male XLR connectors for audio output. These interfaces can be software-configured for either analog or AES/EBU audio signals, while transmitted and received audio signals can be monitored via two separate 3 mm jack connectors with individual volume control using potentiometers.

UMAC Audio Solutions: Versatility at Your Fingertips

Discover our range of UMAC audio modules and codecs, offering EBU N/ACIP compliance, flexible compression options, and seamless control.

UMAC-C Codec Module

Download the Technical Datasheet for UMAC-C

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional UMAC-C in this technical datasheet.

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