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Streamlined and Future-Proof Tool for RDS, DAB, and More

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Content Factory - Software Modernizing Radio Program Data Management and Distribution

The Content Factory represents an evolution of the RDS/DAB-Box product family. The initial generation of RDS/DAB Box garnered significant acclaim for its ability to generate ancillary data for RDS, DAB, DVB-S, and various other radio program distribution channels.

The modular concept, which includes distinct functions like cycle generation, editing tools, import modules, and live modules, has been well-received over the years. However, with the introduction of a new database and the option to operate through a web interface, the development of a modern and future-proof tool has become feasible.

Particularly with the growing interest among editorial staff in leveraging all available options for generating and distributing ancillary data, the limitations of traditional Windows applications have become apparent, where the software must be loaded and configured on each workstation.

The Content Factory offers a significantly more user-friendly solution. All editorial inputs and the configuration of cyclic generators, filters, and input modules can be managed from any workstation via a web browser. The user rights concept ensures that functions are accessible only to authorized personnel.

The Content Factory not only replicates the functions of the existing RDS/DAB Box and PAD Projector but also introduces additional features to enhance its capabilities.

Content Factory Software

Unlock the power of the Content Factory, a versatile tool for generating RDS and DAB ancillary data, complete with image support. Its web server can be operated as a cluster, providing support for program regionalization, image generation, and seamless exchange of ARD ZI ancillary data.

Content Factory - Software

Download the Technical Datasheet for Content Factory

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional Content Factory in this technical datasheet.

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