SOPA Dynamic Software Panel for Studio Display

Revolutionizing Studio Displays with Flexible, User-Configurable Technology


Content Factory - Software Modernizing Radio Program Data Management and Distribution

The SOPA Software Panel is a flexible and user-friendly display system designed for various applications, including broadcast studios, technical rooms, and more. It offers a modern alternative to the outdated electromechanical screens with lamps and mechanical clocks, known for their lack of flexibility.

Users can easily configure the Software Panel to display state boxes, text fields, clocks, timers, and more, with complete freedom to position them on the screen in various sizes, shapes, and colors. It’s compatible with any PC monitor or large screen, and the SOPA software can be seamlessly integrated into existing PCs. Each SOPA unit is supplied with a USB GPI interface for connection to the PC.

Control signals, facilitated by GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) technology, manage the display fields on the screen. These signals can originate from mixers, studio equipment, special keyboards, and more. Text generated on the PC is transmitted as UDP data through LAN, populating the designated text fields on the screen, and can also be toggled on and off using GPIO signals.

The SOPA system can function within a network alongside multiple data sources and displays, enhancing its versatility and adaptability.

Flexible and Adaptable Features of SOPA Control

The ultimate universal tool for graphical display and control for: State boxes, text fields, clocks, timers, images, websites, audio level meter and more

SOPA - Software Panel

Download the Technical Datasheet for SOPA

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional SOPA in this technical datasheet.

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