SERIX Versatile Standalone Mixer for Effortless Audio Control in Mandozzi Radio House System

Seamless Integration, Easy Operation, and Efficient Audio Management for Radio Broadcasts


SERIX Stand alone On Air Digital Audio Mixers Unleash the Power of On Air Digital Audio Mixing with SERIX Standalone Mixers

SERIX is a cutting-edge standalone mixer with an integrated matrix and DSP, and it can seamlessly integrate into a Mandozzi Radio House System with a central IDEA matrix. The SERIX mixers are especially well suited for self-operation. The mixers are configured, and the snapshots stored, by a technician beforehand, and then the operators can use the mixer in a very easy way. They have, in principle, only to move the faders to start a player and to adjust the audio levels, and to touch a few keys to answer the phone calls that arrive via hybrids or codecs.

A typical radio station consists of several SERIX mixers and an IDEA matrix that acts as the interface to the outside world (external lines, telephone hybrids, and codecs, etc.), and assures the interconnection between the mixers. The central matrix connects the mixers to the central I/O, and it also establishes the connections between the mixers. The central matrix is also used to connect the studios to any of the mixers.

The mixers consist of a certain number of fader modules with 4 motor faders each and a central module for communication, monitoring, and parameter setting. The mixers dispose of their own core (MIXBRAIN) with the DSP and matrix functions, and of their own I/O interface unit (concentrator).

Every mixer control processor MIXBRAIN is connected to its concentrator via a CAT 5 cable for the control signals and the audio signals, and the connection between the concentrator and the matrix is made via Gigabit fibres that carry the control and the audio signals. The mixers can be remotely controlled from any PC connected to the Internet. The user can operate the mixer by his keyboard and mouse as if he were using the touch screen of the SERIX mixer.

SERIX: Versatile and Customizable Mixer for Complete Radio House Systems

Designed for Efficient Self and Technical Assisted Operation, Configurable Functions, and Seamless Integration with Central Matrix


Download the Technical Datasheet for SERIX Mixer

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional SERIX mixer in this technical datasheet.

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