DT99 - COMBIMUX Advanced 2 Mbps Audio and Data Transmission System

Compact and Multifunctional, Enabling Audio Connectivity in Various Applications


DT99: Cutting-Edge Audio Transmission Solution Unveiling the DT99 COMBIMUX: High-Speed 2 Mbps Audio Codec for Versatile Network Applications

The DT99 – COMBIMUX is a versatile system for transmitting audio and data signals at 2 Mbps, making it an ideal choice for contribution and distribution networks. Its 19″ cabinet houses multiple I/O modules that can be configured through jumpers and software, enabling operation in various ITU-T and ISO/MPEG audio coding modes. Additionally, the COMBIMUX performs the Drop & Insert functions. Configuration is accomplished via a PC using the COMBISOFT program, allowing for the selection of coding procedures, allocation of time slots for various audio signals, and monitoring of operational status. The COMBIMAP software is responsible for monitoring and controlling entire networks.

The COMBIMUX boasts minimal processing time, with only 3.6 milliseconds required for complete point-to-point transmission in J.41 mode, from the analog audio input to the analog audio output through the 2 Mbps interfaces.

To cater to different signal types and quantities, Mandozzi Elettronica SA offers the COMBIMUX DT99, which is housed in a 19″ cabinet with four height units (h x w x d = 177 x 485 x 300 mm). This version can be equipped with the following modules:

  • 1 CPU or SNMPU
  • 1 E1 or E1Q (2 Mbps interface module)
  • 1 or 2 power supply units, with at least one always required and two for redundant power supply.

The BGT cabinet accommodates up to six I/O modules, while the BGTE cabinet can house up to ten I/O modules. The additional I/O slots are made available by installing two power supply units in an extra 19″ cabinet with 4 HU, referred to as BGTP. This cabinet can hold six power supply units, supplying redundant power to three COMBIMUX cabinets or non-redundant power to six cabinets.

Revolutionizing Audio and Data Transmission with the DT99 COMBIMUX

Efficient Audio and Data Transmission for Contribution and Distribution Networks.

DT99 COMBIMUX Universal System

Download the Technical Datasheet for DT99

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional DT99 in this technical datasheet.

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