InfoMIX Empowering Reporters and Journalists with Cutting-Edge Software Mixing

Professional Sound Control, Recording, and User-Friendly Interface


InfoMix - Software Mixer Professional software mixer for reporters and journalists

The InfoMix is a professional software mixer designed for reporters and journalists. It can be easily installed on personal computers or laptops and is capable of routing various audio sources, including integrated microphones, multimedia players, and other applications.

InfoMix includes a built-in recorder for seamless file storage directly to your computer’s storage. The user-friendly interface features touch screen panels for effortless operation, including compression and filtering options.

Reporter's Choice: PC-Based Audio Processing Excellence

Empower Your Reporting with User-Friendly, Feature-Packed Audio Control.

InfoMix - Software Mixer

Download the Technical Datasheet for InfoMIX

Explore all the specifications and advanced features of the professional InfoMIX in this technical datasheet.

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