BEA3X-SDI Audio Card Bea3x


BEA3X-SDI: Enhancing SDI Signal Handling

Versatile SDI Interface and Audio Management

The BEA3X-SDI card allows direct interfacing of SDI video signals. It has two BNC input connectors and two output BNC connectors for SD/HD/3G SDI signals.

It offers the possibility of extracting the embedded audio channels from the SDI signals, selecting which of the two inputs to output as a video signal and possibly inserting new embedded audio channels with adjustable delay freely chosen from the signals available in the BEA3X on the output video signal.

It also extracts the synchronism from the SDI signal and can generate an audio synchronism signal that can be used as a reference signal.

This card can therefore be used both as a simple embedder – de-embedder and sync generator based on the video, but also as a video switcher to switch video signals based, for example, on the status of mixer channels, useful for Visual Radio applications.

BEA3X Audio Cards Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

Explore our range of feature-rich cards designed for BEA3X, offering unparalleled audio processing and enhanced functionality.
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