BEA3X-MC Audio Card Bea3x


BEA3X-MC: Expanding BEALINX Connectivity with Fiber Optic Media Converters

Unleashing Long-Distance Potential with Dual Media Converters

The BEA3X-MC card provides 2 media converters (numbered 1 and 2) available to use fiber optic cables as infrastructure for BEALINX connections. Each of the two media converters has a port named “A” with SFP connector, and a “B” port with RJ45 connector.

Each of the two media converters can be connected to a port on the CORE card and the appropriate module can be mounted in the corresponding SFP according to the type of optical fiber to be used and the distance.

Using this system, the BEALINX multi-channel digital connection can cover distances from a few centimetres to several kilometres without signal deterioration.

BEA3X Audio Cards Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

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