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BEA3X-MIC: Precision in Microphone and Line Inputs

Unveiling the Versatile World of 8 Balanced Inputs
The BEA3X-MIC board represents an essential component in the world of audio signal processing, offering an array of versatile microphone and line inputs. This board boasts 8 balanced microphone or line inputs, each equipped with a precise and adjustable microphone amplifier, featuring programmable analogue gain, a hardware low cut filter, and phantom power capabilities. Furthermore, the BEA3X-MIC board is meticulously calibrated, ensuring that it operates efficiently at a standardized 15 dBu at 0 dBFS. Additional configuration options are available to accommodate diverse audio needs and preferences.

BEA3X-MIC: Precision in Microphone and Line Inputs

Unleashing the Versatility of 8 Balanced Inputs

Exploring the capabilities of the BEA3X-MIC board, which provides 8 balanced microphone or line inputs. Each input is equipped with controllable analogue microphone amplifiers, programmable gain, low cut filters, and phantom power support. Calibrated at 15 dBu at 0 dBFS, with alternative configurations available. We’ll delve into detailed analog audio specifications, including impedance, gain, EIN, THD + Noise, CMRR, dynamic range, crosstalk, hi-pass filter, and conversion. Additionally, we’ll outline the role of the BEA3X-BOB-I8 breakout box for signal expansion, along with the option for greater compactness using the BEA3X-BOB-I16.

Pinout DB26

Discover the detailed pinout information and explore the values associated with DB26, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality.

Signal Pin Note
+ANAI1 2 Analog Input 1 Hot
-ANAI1 19 Analog Input 1 Cold
GND 11 Analog Input 1 Shield
+ANAI2 3 Analog Input 2 Hot
-ANAI2 20 Analog Input 2 Cold
GND 12 Analog Input 2 Shield
+ANAI3 4 Analog Input 3 Hot
-ANAI3 21 Analog Input 3 Cold
GND 13 Analog Input 3 Shield
+ANAI4 5 Analog Input 4 Hot
-ANAI4 22 Analog Input 4 Cold
GND 14 Analog Input 4 Shield
+ANAI5 6 Analog Input 5 Hot
-ANAI5 23 Analog Input 5 Cold
GND 15 Analog Input 5 Shield
+ANAI6 7 Analog Input 6 Hot
-ANAI6 24 Analog Input 6 Cold
GND 16 Analog Input 6 Shield
+ANAI7 8 Analog Input 7 Hot
-ANAI7 25 Analog Input 7 Cold
GND 17 Analog Input 7 Shield
+ANAI8 9 Analog Input 8 Hot
-ANAI8 26 Analog Input 8 Cold
GND 18 Analog Input 8 Shield

Analog audio specification of the card

Impedance>= 1kΩ
Gain for 0 dBFS0 to 78 dB
Input Level (Rsource = 50Ω)+ 15 dBu@0dBFS (other calibrations available on request)
Flatness 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 40 dB gain+/- 0.1 dB
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)114 dB
THD + Noise @ 1 kHz, -9 dBFS<= -98 dB
CMRR @ 1 kHz, -11 dB to +40 dB gain60 dB
Dynamic range115 dB
Crosstalk @ 1 kHz, -9 dBFS<= -110 dB
Hi-Pass filter (enable by software)75 Hz -3 dB
Conversion24 Bit (Advanced Multi-bit Delta-Sigma)

Breakout Box

A rack-mountable BEA3X-BOB-I8 breakout box and pre-headed DB26 cables of different lengths are available for the explosion of signals from the DB26 connector to the standard 8 female XLRs.

Alternatively, for greater compactness, a BEA3X-BOB-I16 breakout box can be used for every 2 MIC boards.

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