BEA3X-AoIP Audio Card Bea3x


BEA3X-AoIP: Expanding Audio-over-IP Connectivity

Harnessing the Power of Dual Modules for Exceptional Audio Routing

The BEA3X-AoIP (formerly BEA3X-DANT) card allows the management of two Dante or Ravenna modules, according to the needs, which can each provide up to 64 input and 64 output channels. Each AoIP channel is managed by the central routing of the BEA3x and can be used freely as Mono or used in stereo or multichannel logic signals.

Connectors functions are as follows:

  • DANTE A1 Port: first module, primary network
  • DANTE A2 Port: first module, secondary network
  • DANTE B1 Port: second module, primary network
  • DANTE B2 Port: second module, secondary network

For the specific characteristics of the AoIP streams, refer to the specific documentation of the Dante and Ravenna standards.

BEA3X Audio Cards Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

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