BEA3X-GPO Audio Card Bea3x


BEA3X-GPO: Enhanced Audio Control with 24 GPOs

Versatile Connectivity and Customizable Logic for Seamless Audio Integration

Introducing the BEA3X-GPO card, equipped with 24 General Purpose Outputs (GPOs) for the BEA3X audio engine. This card features two DB26 connectors, providing secure and reliable connectivity. Each GPO consists of a pair of contacts, including the central relay and the normally open contact. Additionally, for four GPOs, the normally closed contact is available on configurable pins. In all cases, the logic for controlling the relays is fully definable via software, offering complete customization for your specific needs. Explore how the BEA3X-GPO card enhances your audio system with unparalleled versatility and performance.


Enhance Audio Control with 24 GPOs | Versatile Connectivity & Customizable Logic

Discover the BEA3X-GPO, a powerful audio control card featuring 24 General Purpose Outputs (GPOs) for seamless integration. With dual DB26 connectors, enjoy secure and reliable connections.

Take advantage of flexible contact options, including central relays, normally open, and configurable normally closed contacts. Customize the logic through user-defined software, giving you full control. Elevate your audio setup with enhanced control and unparalleled versatility.

Connector 1 (GPO): Unveiling the Pinout and Values

Discover the detailed pinout information and explore the values associated with DB26#1, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality.

Connector 1PinNote
C-GPO11Common contact relay 1
O-GPO12Normally Open contact relay 1
C-GPO23Common contact relay 2
O-GPO24Normally Open contact relay 2
C-GPO35Common contact relay 3
O-GPO36Normally Open contact relay 3
C-GPO47Common contact relay 4
O-GPO48Normally Open contact relay 4
User defined 19User defined +12, +5, GND, Normally Closed 4
C-GPO510Common contact relay 5
O-GPO511Normally Open contact relay 5
C-GPO612Common contact relay 6
O-GPO613Normally Open contact relay 6
C-GPO714Common contact relay 7
O-GPO715Normally Open contact relay 7
C-GPO816Common contact relay 8
O-GPO817Normally Open contact relay 8
User defined 218Can be assigned to +12, +5, GND, NC8
O-GPO919Common contact relay 9
C-GPO920Normally Open contact relay 9
O-GPO1021Common contact relay 10
C-GPO1022Normally Open contact relay 10
O-GPO1123Common contact relay 11
C-GPO1124Normally Open contact relay 11

Connector 2 (GPO): Unveiling the Pinout and Values

Discover the detailed pinout information and explore the values associated with DB26#2, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality.

Connector 2 Pin Note
C-GPO13 1 Common contact relay 13
O-GPO13 2 Normally Open contact relay 13
C-GPO14 3 Common contact relay 14
O-GPO14 4 Normally Open contact relay 14
C-GPO15 5 Common contact relay 15
O-GPO15 6 Normally Open contact relay 15
C-GPO16 7 Common contact relay 16
O-GPO16 8 Normally Open contact relay 16
User defined 3 9 User defined +12, +5, GND, Normally Closed 16
C-GPO17 10 Common contact relay 17
O-GPO17 11 Normally Open contact relay 17
C-GPO18 12 Common contact relay 18
O-GPO18 13 Normally Open contact relay 18
C-GPO19 14 Common contact relay 19
O-GPO19 15 Normally Open contact relay 19
C-GPO20 16 Common contact relay 20
O-GPO20 17 Normally Open contact relay 20
User defined 4 18 User defined +12, +5, GND, Normally Closed 20
O-GPO21 19 Common contact relay 21
C-GPO21 20 Normally Open contact relay 21
O-GPO22 21 Common contact relay 22
C-GPO22 22 Normally Open contact relay 22
O-GPO23 23 Common contact relay 23
C-GPO23 24 Normally Open contact relay 23
O-GPO24 25 Common contact relay 24
C-GPO24 26 Normally Open contact relay 24

Contacts Specification of the Card

The contacts specification of the card is a crucial aspect to consider when utilizing the General Purpose Outputs (GPOs). It involves two essential parameters: the maximum GPO current, which is 1A, and the maximum GPO voltage, which is +/-50V referred to GND. Understanding and adhering to these specifications is vital for ensuring optimal performance and safety during various audio applications. Let’s explore the significance of these contact specifications and how they contribute to the card’s functionality.

Max GPO current1A
Max GPO voltage+/-50V referred to GND

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