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BEA3X-GPIO: Versatile I/O Solutions for Audio Systems

Exploring 12 GPOs and 12 GPIs with Flexible Configurations

The BEA3X-GPIO card, featuring 12 General Purpose Outputs (GPO) and 12 General Purpose Inputs (GPI), is a versatile audio system component. With two DB26 connectors, it provides a wealth of connectivity options.

GPOs are equipped with central relays, normally open contacts, and configurable normally closed contacts. The card’s software-driven logic customization offers unmatched flexibility.

GPIs come with “Int V” and “Ext V” modes, selectable through jumpers on the board. In “Int V” mode, they use a 5V bias and activate upon contact closure with minimal current. In “Ext V” mode, external DC voltages within the 5V to 48V range activate the GPIs.

This adaptability enhances your audio system’s capabilities for various applications.

BEA3X-GPIO: Expanding Audio I/O Possibilities

Unlocking the Power of 12 GPOs and 12 GPIs with Configurable Options

The BEA3X-GPIO card features 12 GPOs and 12 GPIs, accompanied by two DB26 connectors.

GPOs come equipped with a pair of contacts for each, including the central relay and the normally open contact. For two GPOs, the normally closed contact is also accessible via configurable pins. Notably, the logic for all relays is fully customizable through software.

GPIs offer a pair of contacts that can be either short-circuited or externally powered, depending on the configuration set through the board’s jumpers.

Two GPI modes are available, namely “Int V” and “Ext V,” with each GPI configurable using three jumpers indicated on the PCB. In “Int V” mode, GPIs bias their pins with 5V and activate upon closing the pair with an external clean contact, drawing a current of approximately 2mA. Conversely, GPIs configured in “Ext V” mode lack bias and require an external DC voltage within the range of 5V to 48V to activate.

This card offers extensive flexibility and customization options for a wide range of applications.

The simplified schematics for the two modes are these:


Pinout DB26 #1

Discover the detailed pinout information and explore the values associated with DB26#1, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality.

Connector 1PinNote
C-GPO11Common contact relay 1
O-GPO12Normally Open contact relay 1
C-GPO23Common contact relay 2
O-GPO24Normally Open contact relay 2
C-GPO35Common contact relay 3
O-GPO36Normally Open contact relay 3
C-GPO47Common contact relay 4
O-GPO48Normally Open contact relay 4
User defined 19User defined +12, +5, GND, Normally Closed 4
C-GPO510Common contact relay 5
O-GPO511Normally Open contact relay 5
C-GPO612Common contact relay 6
O-GPO613Normally Open contact relay 6
C-GPO714Common contact relay 7
O-GPO715Normally Open contact relay 7
C-GPO816Common contact relay 8
O-GPO817Normally Open contact relay 8
User defined 118User defined +12, +5, GND, Normally Closed 8
C-GPO919Common contact relay 9
O-GPO920Normally Open contact relay 9
C-GPO1021Common contact relay 10
O-GPO1022Normally Open contact relay 10
C-GPO1123Common contact relay 11
O-GPO1124Normally Open contact relay 11
C-GPO1225Common contact relay 12
O-GPO1226Normally Open contact relay 12

Pinout DB26 #2

Discover the detailed pinout information and explore the values associated with DB26#2, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality.

Connector 2PinNote
1-GPI11Contact 1 Opto 1
2-GPI12Contact 2 Opto 1
1-GPI23Contact 1 Opto 2
2-GPI24Contact 2 Opto 2
1-GPI35Contact 1 Opto 3
2-GPI36Contact 2 Opto 3
1-GPI47Contact 1 Opto 4
2-GPI48Contact 2 Opto 4
User defined 19Can be assigned to +12, +5, GND
1-GPI510Contact 1 Opto 5
2-GPI511Contact 2 Opto 5
1-GPI612Contact 1 Opto 6
2-GPI613Contact 2 Opto 6
1-GPI714Contact 1 Opto 7
2-GPI715Contact 2 Opto 7
1-GPI816Contact 1 Opto 8
2-GPI817Contact 2 Opto 8
User defined 218Can be assigned to +12, +5, GND
1-GPI919Contact 1 Opto 9
2-GPI920Contact 2 Opto 9
1-GPI1021Contact 1 Opto 10
2-GPI1022Contact 2 Opto 10
1-GPI1123Contact 1 Opto 11
2-GPI1124Contact 2 Opto 11
1-GPI1225Contact 1 Opto 12
2-GPI1226Contact 2 Opto 12

Contacts specification of the card

Max GPO current1A
Max GPO voltage+/-50V referred to GND

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