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bea3x core

BEA3X-CORE Board: The Hub of Audio Communication System

Central Matrix for Seamless Audio Communication

The BEA3X-CORE board plays a pivotal role in audio management, acting as the central matrix where all incoming and outgoing audio lines converge. Its exceptional functionality is underscored by the presence of 8 bi-directional audio buses, which enable efficient communication with every card in the system’s eight available “audio” slots. This robust connectivity hub ensures uninterrupted and efficient audio routing, making it an indispensable component in any audio setup.

The card supports Audio over IP in DANTE format with up to 64 bidirectional channels and redundancy options. It utilizes the proprietary BEALINX bus for distributing 512 mono audio signals and synchronization among connected BEA3X units. The board also offers advanced synchronization choices and integrates essential audio processing functions.

BEA3X-CORE: Enhancing Your Audio Management

Advanced Audio Connectivity

The card provides for Audio over IP audio streaming in DANTE format through a DANTE Brooklyn module with its 2 RJ45 connectors by means of which it is possible to receive or send up to 64 bidirectional channels which can in turn be configured for redundancy.

BEALINX Bus for Signal Distribution

The board also has two RJ45 connectors for the proprietary “BEALINX” bus: through each connector it is possible to distribute up to 512 mono audio signals equivalent to the connected BEA3X unit. Having 2 connectors available, it is possible to create a bidirectional ring capable of guaranteeing a higher degree of redundancy in the distribution of signals. Through the BEALINX signals it is also possible to distribute the audio synchronism signal among the various connected BEA3X machines, in a redundant manner in the case of machines connected in a ring.

Synchronization and Clock Management

The board also features an internal grade 2 accurate sync generator, and a sync input for synchronizing the unit from the outside. External synchronization can be based on several inputs: AES11, Wordclock, Dante, BEALINX, or, according to the availability of cards installed in the system, the BEA3X can extract the synchronism from any MADI input signal. The choice of the clock source is managed by the software with an advanced algorithm able to select in any case the most reliable source based on a list of priorities statically entered by the user and / or determined in an adaptive way in a network of more BEA3X.

Enhanced Functionality

Finally, there is an additional RJ45 ethernet port on the board which shows the management port already present on the front panel on the rear panel. The BEA3X-CORE card is the only card that must always be present given its router functionality. The BEA3X-CORE board also integrates some audio processing functions that can be used in addition to those available in the DSP board: modulation controllers, low-pass filters for the extraction of the LF channel in the generation of 5.1 surround signals from inputs mono or stereo, adders to combine buses from multiple DSP cards and have multiple input buses. The management of these features is integrated into the control software and is not directly controllable by the user, it is simply hardware resources available and usable by the software abstraction that is the basis of the system

BEA3X Audio Cards Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

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