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BEA3X-MADI: Advanced Signal Management

Efficient MADI Signal Handling and Comprehensive Control
The BEA3X-MADI card plays a crucial role in the professional audio landscape, offering state-of-the-art solutions for the management of MADI signals. Equipped with four SFP cages designed to house SFP modules (both optical and electrical), this card is adept at handling MADI signals in accordance with the AES10 standard. Each SFP module possesses the capability to manage one incoming and one outgoing MADI stream, allowing the card to efficiently oversee up to four bidirectional MADI streams. Its advanced functionalities make it an indispensable asset for demanding audio applications, ensuring precision and reliability in signal handling.

Unveiling the Versatile BEA3X-MADI Card

BEA3X-MADI Overview

The BEA3X-MADI board includes 4 SFP cages to house the same number of SFP modules (optical or electrical) for the MADI signal. MADI signals conform to the AES10 standard. Each SFP module is capable of handling one incoming and one outgoing MADI stream, allowing the card to manage up to 4 bidirectional MADI streams.

Configuration Options

This card can be used either as a simple input/output module or configured in changeover mode. In the latter, two of the 4 incoming MADI flows are assigned to the changeover module. The outputs from the changeover module can be either the MADI outputs present on the board or the internal BUS.

FPGA-Based Signal Management

The BEA3X-MADI card manages MADI streams using a dedicated FPGA. The cores instantiated on the FPGA deal with:

  • Deserialization of the MADI stream
  • MADI stream serialization
  • Dedicated signal routing
  • Modulation monitoring (window, with two thresholds and configurable intervention times)
  • Possible changeover
Audio Synchronization

The BEA3X-MADI card is also able to extract the audio synchronism from the MADI streams and pass it to the CORE card for synchronization of the whole system.

Functional Modules

The card includes various functional modules:

  • Routing Module: Manages incoming channels, both from external MADI ports and from the BUS, towards the physical MADI outputs and the BUS.
  • Modulation Surveillance Module: Analyzes MADI signals for issues such as lack of audio signal or too high peak levels.
  • Changeover Module: Switches between audio signals of the two assigned MADI inputs with minimal audio loss, offering manual and automatic modes with reversibility options.

BEA3X Audio Cards Power and Integration for Your Audio Network

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