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Mandozzi Elettronica:
Customers all over Europe and beyond
Mandozzi Elettronica SA is proud to have satisfied Customers all over Europe and beyond, from Portugal to Serbia, and from Norway to Algeria. They all appreciate the reliability and ease of operation of the Mandozzi products:

  • The redundant IDEA matrices are more than just X/Y switches; they create scheduled connections and perform audio signal processing including all mixer functions. IDEA matrices are used as central switches in radio houses or as national switching centres.

  • The GMIX mixers work with a central matrix that contains their switching and signal processing circuits as well as all audio and GPIO interfaces. The mixer surfaces work as remote control elements of the matrix functions. This architecture creates a system of interconnected and interacting mixers.

  • The SERIX mixers are autonomous consoles with their own matrix and DSP. They can work as stand-alone mixers as well as in a system with a central matrix, where the mixers interact.

  • The modular 2 Mbps COMBIMUX codecs are used to create contribution and distribution networks.

  • The versatile audio over IP codecs UMAC can be supplied as external, autonomous codecs installed into cabinets, with power supply, for 1 up to 10 codecs, or as interface modules in Mandozzi's matrices and mixers. In this case, up to 16 codecs can be installed into a 19" cabinet of 3 RU. The UMAC codec is also an integral part of the REPORTER TWO arena mixer.

A few examples of audio systems Mandozzi Elettronica has realized so far:

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German ARD Sternpunkt, Frankfurt, Germany
The German ARD Sternpunkt ("Star Point") in Frankfurt is the national switching centre for all public German radio stations. Already in the year 1999, Mandozzi supplied the central matrix that is equipped with 2 Mbps interface modules with built-in J.41 and J.57 codecs. This matrix is connected via 2 Mbps channels to all public German radio stations that communicate with Frankfurt via COMBIMUX codecs. In the past, the Sternpunkt matrix has been expanded several times. In the year 2005, Mandozzi developed an automatic telephone conference system for the Sternpunkt. It consists of a matrix with 60 internal ISDN So interfaces that are mutliplexed into four Primary Rate 2 Mbps signals. The system manually or automatically (by time scheduling) establishes up to 16 simultaneous telephone conferences with up to 180 pre-programmed participants and automatically transmits announcement texts to the called parties. It generates the signal sums for the conferences and the n-1 returns, automatically adjusts the levels of the incoming signals and automatically suppresses disturbed incoming signals.
Radio L1mburg, Maastricht, Holland
For the Dutch radio station L1 in Maastricht, Mandozzi supplied the complete digital radio station with a redundant matrix of 2'048 x 2'048 crosspoints and four GMIX mixers. One of these mixers is installed in TV production, where a software mixer is used to control the TV mixer from a second working position. The whole system is controlled by custom designed control modules.

Radio1, Zurich, Switzerland
Mandozzi supplied to the Swiss commercial Radio1 in Zurich a central matrix and two SERIX mixers with 16 faders each plus 7 Jünger MIX4 mixers. Specially developed interfaces and software control the Sohard DABIS audio workstation, and an integrated Mandozzi telephone management system controls Prodys Prontonet codecs and switches the audio signals between the various working positions. Only the mixer surface modules with the touch screens are installed in the mixer rooms; the mixer control processors, the audio interfaces and the redundant central matrix are installed in the technical room.
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse, Lausanne, Switzerland
The public Swiss French speaking radio RTS in Lausanne decided in the year 2006 to replace the existing digital matrix and mixers by completely new Mandozzi equipment. The new system consists of 33 SERIX consoles with 12 to 32 faders each plus 15 satellite mixers with 4 faders each. The consoles are connected via optical fibres to a redundant IDEA central matrix whose two halves are installed in two separate rooms for increased safety. The central matrix allows a smooth switching of up to five mixers to several output sums each, with programmable fade in and fade out times. There is also a level monitoring with automatic switching to a stand-by source in case of problems. The matrix and the mixers can be remotely monitored and controlled via IP from any place, thus facilitating the technician's job. The project was realised in several steps because the installation of the new equipment had to go in parallel with changes in the radio house building, without interrupting the 24 hour radio programmes. So far, the last mixer was supplied to Lausanne in April 2011. The main reason for RTS to select Mandozzi was the supplier's willingness and capability to adapt the proven products to the customer's individual technical and operational requirements. Mandozzi's big success on the European market convinced also the RTS specialists of the high quality and the operational and technical features of the products.
Swedish Radio, Stockholm, Sweden
The public Swedish Radio corporation ordered in the year 2000 its first complete digital radio station with a redundant matrix and 12 GMIX mixers for Skövde. Since then, Mandozzi supplied the matrices and mixers for all 25 Swedish radio stations. At the beginning, all matrices were equipped with 2 Mbps interfaces in order to interconnect them via the 2 Mbps network. This network transmitted the audio signals as well as remote control signals that allowed one station to be controlled by another one. Since 2013, the radio stations are being interconnected via IP using Mandozzi's IP codecs UMAC. Swedish Radio also operates sub stations equipped with mixers only that interact with the regional station and behave as if they were installed in the regional station and directly connected to its central matrix.
Telekom Austria, Vienna, Austria
Telekom Austria is responsible for switching the signals produced by the various Austrian radio stations to the transmitters and to other radio stations. Also the many opera houses, concert halls and theatres in Vienna are switched by Telekom Austria to the radio houses. The matrix and the analogue line equalizers were installed in a historical building in the centre of Vienna, and in the year 2010 Telekom Austria had to leave it and to move to the periphery of Vienna. This was a good opportunity to renew the old matrix and line equalizers. Mandozzi was selected as supplier because it was the only enterprise that was capable of fulfilling all technical and operational requirements. Mandozzi supplied a redundant matrix with 300 analogue and digital inputs and outputs, 64 of which are four-wire connections, with 60 stereo/mono converters, automatic level monitoring, announcement text generator, measurement and display of signal levels, etc. The great quantity of copper wires from the various concert halls requires line equalizers. The Mandozzi matrix offers 240 integrated redundant line equalizers that are easily adjusted by two redundant touch screens.

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