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Mandozzi Elettronica:
the Swiss precision closing the puzzle

Manufacturer of audio routers, mixers, radio houses...
And happy Customers!
Mandozzi Elettronica SA was founded 1965 and became an incorporated company in the year 1991. Right from the beginning, the Company was successful as an engineering enterprise designing and manufacturing special high-tech products in the vast fields of transmitting and processing audio signals as well as data.

Today, the most important products are digital audio routers, digital audio mixers and audio over IP codecs. They are well known under the brand names IDEA for the routers, SERIX for the mixers, and UMAC for the IP codecs. These equipment are well accepted by the many Customers for their extremely high reliability, the sophisticated technical and operational features that can be easily managed by the comfortable control surfaces. The outstanding feature of Mandozzi Elettronica is still the willingness of the developing engineers to adapt the proven products to the individual operational and technical requirements of the Customers. This way, they are served with equipment that fulfils their needs in a perfect manner.

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Some important milestones: delivery of the first remote monitoring system of FM and TV transmitter stations to Swiss PTT in 1974 and of the first defence system 1985. Production of the analogue audio routers started 1980, of the digital routers 1993 and of the digital audio mixers 1995. Mandozzi was the first company that manufactured redundant audio routers, and has been so for many years. The portable digital audio recorder and editor ME-DART was developed 1995. The first 2 Mbps audio cross connect router system was installed 1997, the first 2 Mbps J.41 audio transmission equipment was delivered 1997, and the several hundred 2 Mbps MPEG decoders for the Swiss broadcasting distribution network were delivered 1999. The first 2 Mbps digital audio transmission equipment COMBIMUX were delivered 1999 to the German ARD. The second generation digital mixers GMIX were supplied for the first time to NRK Oslo in the year 1999, and NRK Oslo received the digital audio routers for television application in the year 2001. The first complete digital radio house was supplied to Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in the year 2000, and 2001 Mandozzi Elettronica supplied the first radio station with five interlinked routers to the German ORB. 2002 the Company supplied to Swedish Radio the first digital radio stations that are interlinked for audio and remote control signals via 2 Mbps lines. So far, Mandozzi Elettronica supplied 25 regional radio stations to Swedish Radio. 2003 Mandozzi Elettronica supplied to NRK the distribution/contribution router of Trondheim and the distribution router for Oslo. They are remotely controlled from the two central control systems of Oslo and Trondheim via WAN as well as from a great number of local control units. In 2003 Mandozzi Elettronica also supplied to NRK the first matrices for the regional stations. They are interconnected among each other and also with the matrices in Oslo and Trondheim, and they remotely control the drop/insert functions of 2 Mbps audio transmission equipment. Our first matrix with double redundancy (a redundant matrix is divided into two halves that are installed in two separate rooms, whereby every half is redundant in itself) was supplied 2005 to Finland. In 2005, the Company supplied to the German ARD Sternpunkt in Frankfurt our first telephone conference system that automatically establishes conference calls to pre-programmed subscribers at pre-programmed times, using ISDN codecs that Mandozzi Elettronica designed ourselves; the levels of all incoming and outgoing signals are monitored. The private enterprise Radio 105 received a matrix with 6 third generation mixers SERIX for Milan and another matrix with two mixers for Monte Carlo in 2006. The two matrices are interconnected via a 2 Mbps channel; this allows a radio program to be produced in Monte Carlo and transmitted in Milan without any personnel being present there. In 2009, the Company introduced UMAC, a codec for audio transmission over IP to be integrated into the COMBIMUX transmission equipment and the IDEA audio matrices. These modules can be controlled by Mandozzi's routers and mixers. In the same year, the Company started to promote a comprehensive software tool to generate RDS texts for FM transmission and PAD information for DAB. Mandozzi Elettronica supplied in 2010 to Austrian Telecom a redundant audio router with 240 integrated redundant analogue line equalizers. The Belgian broadcasting corporation RTBF received its new central audio matrix with 36 integrated UMAC codecs in 2011, and Swedish radio received its first UMAC codecs in 2011. For the Finnish transmitter sites, the Company developed 2011 small remotely controlled routers with level monitoring and automatic switching to backup signals. 2013 Mandozzi Elettronica showed at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam the prototype of our new sports arena equipment Reporter Two that has five mic/line inputs, built-in mixer and router circuits, two headphone and line outputs, and an internal audio over IP codec. It can be configured and controlled by a built-in touch screen or via IP.

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