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Mandozzi Elettronica's digital audio mixers SERIX and GMIX

CIMIX Digital Compact On-Air Audio Mixers

CiMix is the ideal mixer for radio broadcasting: based on the year long experience Mandozzi has gained with the digital Gimix and Serix mixers, the company supplies a new mixer that offers the same operational features as the larger mixers. CiMix is the ideal broadcasting solution due to its comfortable control facilities and touch screen surfaces. The ease of using CiMix makes it a precious tool: the sophisticated, easy to use technical features are ideal for self operators and sound technicians who can manage several interacting studios. CiMix can also be connected to a Mandozzi audio router to create a network of interacting mixers.

CIMIXCIMIXThe universal compact digital On Air mixerRadio broadcasting
BEA3XCIMIXThe universal audio expansionCIMIX Broadcast Mxer

SERIX Digital Stand Alone Audio Mixers

Mandozzi' SERIX mixers are a further development of the GMIX mixers. The GMIX mixers were developed to be a part of a complete system, where the mixer surface is a remote control element of the DSP and switching modules installed into the central matrix. The motivation to develop the SERIX family was the realisation of “stand alone” mixers that work autonomously with their own DSP and switching elements. However, SERIX mixers are also designed to be integrated into bigger systems, where they remotely control a central matrix. In this case, SERIX can select input and output lines of the matrix, establish intercom connections between the mixers and MIXBOX units, remotely control microphone pre-amplifiers, mute and GPIO of other mixers, as well as control a central pool of telephone hybrids, ISDN codecs and mandozzi's IP codecs.

SERIXSERIXStand alone On Air Digital Audio MixersAutonomous On Air mixers
ESPNSERIXPower over Ethernet supply unitsSingle (H4) or redundant (R) power supply units
KBOXSERIXIntercom module to be integrated into a SERIX systemMonitoring and GPIO functions for radio studio applications

GMIX Digital Centralized Audio Mixers

The GMIX mixers are On Air mixers designed for large installations with a central matrix, they are part of a complete system. The signal processing and switching functions for the mixers are realized inside the central matrix, the mixer surface modules are mere remote control elements of the matrix. The I/O interface modules of the mixers are also installed in the matrix, or, if the distances are long, in stage boxes that are connected to the matrix via CAT5 cables or optical fibres. Due to this architecture, the mixers of a radio station can easily interact, they can remotely control each other, and the mixers can serve several studios. The surface modules can be installed into the mixer consoles at any place that satisfies the operational requirements of the customers.

GMIXGMIXModular Digital Audio MixersOn Air mixers whose DSP and switching functions are realized inside the central matrix

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