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Mandozzi Elettronica's audio matrices IDEA and KS41x2

IDEA Matrices

The audio matrices IDEA are ideal for all customers who are looking for systems that perform more than just simple X/Y connections, but intelligent switching functions and audio signal processing. IDEA is a fully digital audio routing switcher that offers a great number of various audio input and output interface module types (analogue, AES/EBU, 2 Mbps, IP, MADI, ATM, Gigabit). All desirable audio processing functions are realised inside the routing switcher by means of digital signal processors (DSP). IDEA performs programmable automatic time and date controlled connections and disconnections (scheduling) of single lines or line groups. Conflict and compatibility tests are performed automatically. Pre-programmed connections can be activated remotely by GPIO, serial or IP signals.

IDEAIDEACentral audio matricesAudio switching centres

KS41x2 Matrices

The KS41x2 audio switch was designed to be installed in radio broadcast transmitter stations, where it is used to switch one of four incoming radio programmes to the transmitter. The audio signals received are monitored, and if a level lies outside pre-programmed lower or upper limits, the equipment automatically switches another of three pre-programmable signals to the transmitter. The switch can be installed in analogue or digital environments, because it switches simultaneously analogue input signals to analogue outputs, and AES/EBU input signals to AES/EBU outputs. The audio switch is managed by a built-in processor that establishes the control interfaces with the external world, inclusive of SNMP. The level monitoring circuits are configured (setting of the level thresholds and times) by means of a PC that uses an internal configuration software.

KS41x2KS41X2Transmission station matricesRadio transmission stations

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