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Mandozzi Elettronica's IP codecs UMAC and 2 Mbps codecs COMBIMUX


UMAC ("Universal Multifunctional Audio Codec") is a compact audio over IP codec that can be mounted onto various supports in order to satisfy distinct applications: UMAC-M is a 3 RU module that can be integrated into Mandozzi's matrices and mixers, where it is connected to the internal audio bus; UMAC-C is a 4 RU stand alone codec with a front plate that carries the audio and IP signals and can be mounted into various cabinets with their own power supply. UMAC-C is also used in the Reporter One arena box. UMAC fulfills the EBU N/ACIP specifications and offers a great variety of audio compression algorithms. The connections are destablished according to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) RFC 3261, and the audio data are transferred according to RTP Real Time Transport Protocol) RFC 3550.

UMAC-CUMACCodec module (mountable into various cabinets )Radio houses, OB vans, audio contribution and distribution networks
UMAC-MUMACCodec module (to integrate into Mandozzi's matrices and mixers)Radio houses, OB vans, audio contribution and distribution networks
Reporter TwoUMACIP connected reporter mixer
IPVOXUMACThe versatile audio over IP codecAudio Over IP


COMBIMUX is a universal system for the transmission of audio and data signals via 2 Mbps channels. It is ideally suited for creating audio distribution and contribution networks. Its 19” cabinet holds several I/O modules, e.g. encoders and/or decoders that can be configured by jumpers and by software to operate in several ITU-T and ISO/MPEG audio coding modes. COMBIMUX does also perform Drop & Insert functions. The equipment is configured by a PC using the COMBISOFT program that selects the coding procedure, allocates the time slots to the various audio signals and monitors the operational state. COMBIMUX offers the shortest processing time: In J.41 mode only 3.6 milliseconds for a complete point to point transmission from the analogue audio input through the 2 Mbps interfaces to the analogue audio output.

DT99COMBIMUX2 Mbps audio codecAudio contribution and distribution networks
DT88COMBIMUXCompact 2 Mbps Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with integrated Audio CodecsAudio contribution and distribution networks

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